Three Statistics That Makes SEO Services Sell Themself

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To quote the late great Albert Einstein: “You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”

This is particularly true as an SEO reseller. If you use a great white label SEO reseller, your game isn’t actually optimizing the search engine ranking for your clients; that’s the job of your SEO reseller firm. Your game is educating your clients and potential clients on why using an SEO reseller is critical in our web-based world. And once you learn the game, you need to learn how to be the best with an SEO reseller firm.

The first step in mastering how to be the best with an SEO reseller, is making the statistics work for you:

  • At least 90% of online experiences start with a search engine, usually Google.
    Business owners might think that their website has everything it needs to acquire customers. However, 90% of the time, when a customer is looking for their product or service, they aren’t going straight to the business’ website. They’re Googling the product that they’re looking for, and then choosing one of the first organic results that Google gives them. In fact, 33% of online searcher select the first organic result. The second organic link gets clicked 18% of the time, and each following link gets less attention. Search results that land on the second page are entirely ignored 75% of the time.

    You have to convey how essential it is for your clients to have their website highly ranked by search engines, which is the product that you offer.

  • The customer acquisition leads generated through SEO efforts cost 61% less than leads through outbound marketing tactics. Nearly 100% of business owners want to decrease costs, while increasing revenue. Since paying for SEO services is an added cost, it is the biggest roadblock an SEO reseller meets with closing a deal. Even if you’ve thoroughly convinced your potential client how essential SEO marketing is (with your first statistic), their biggest concern is still most likely going to be money out of their pocket. You have to help them understand that for every lead generated through emails, online ads, or other outbound marketing methods, they could have generated the same number of leads with search engine optimization services by only spending .39 on the dollar. Using an SEO reseller actually reduces costs while increasing revenue.
  • Each lead generated through SEO marketing is more than eight times more likely to result in a customer acquisition than leads generated through outbound marketing. For every 100 leads your clients get with outbound marketing methods, on average, they’ll land 1.7 clients. In contrast, for every 100 leads that your customers get by getting their website in the top organic search results through SEO efforts, they’re likely to acquire 14.6 new customers. This is the revenue-increasing part of the deal.
  • Are you a great SEO reseller? Do you have any tips for others just getting into the SEO reseller game on how to be the best with an SEO reseller? We would love to hear your advice, as well as any other input you have about our list in the comment section below!

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