SEO and Social Media Increases Your Website Visibility

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Do you want to increase website traffic, and get your online strategy off the ground? Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, can help get your business growing. Companies invested $16 billion in search engine marketing, and for good reason. SEO improves content quality and visibility, increasing your organic ranking and driving sales.

How can you increase your SEO? One way businesses is through social media. In a marketing context, social media is the best way to pitch to many customers and leads through personalized responses and service. Using posts and tweets, your business can interact in real time with anyone, virtually anywhere on the planet. Furthermore, social media is a great way to receive feedback, and then respond. As businesses respond to only about 30 percent of social media feedback, you have a chance to engage customers more than your competitors do.

Another way to increase SEO is with a great website. Generating traffic certainly helps, and can be done with navigability and engaging content. Furthermore, mobile optimization is critical, as mobile devices spread. Now that consumers have information everywhere, brick and mortar stores face challenges from online shoppers. In fact, 64 percent of smartphone owners shop online, meaning you must capture this market.

In my experience, a blog is just as helpful as social media is. Blogs are your chance to talk about your product, service or industry, and let you be authoritative. Readers will come to read your blog, increasing website traffic. Other blogs may link to you. Search engines view inbound links as a proxy for trustworthiness, leading to higher organic rankings. Best yet, the blog and any aspect of your website can link to social media, which also helps your social media strategy.

Finally, partner with an SEO or social media reseller. SEO resellers outsource tracking and analysis to another company, while providing a front end for strategy and customer service. This saves on the cost of Seo, and makes an SEO consultant accessible to you.

SEO is becoming more important in Internet marketing, for it increases your website viability. So if you want to ramp up your strategy, make sure you optimize your website for mobile users, write a blog, and have engaging social media. All of these things should increase your bottom line, and let you run circles around your competition.

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