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Almost 90 percent of people using the internet over the age of 14 spend time researching products before buying. A significant amount of internet marketers take advantage of the people looking for product and service information by providing in depth details and discounts. Commission is earned for every sale made by an internet marketer, but there are a few things that internet marketers must have in order to be successful. First off, it’s important to have a good hosting provider in order to avoid down time of a website. Hosting programs are easily found online, and it’s recommended to read reviews.

Internet marketing is made possible with the right hosting program, otherwise a significant amount of sales would be lost due to poor hosting. Online marketing and producing online sales is also achieved with an eCommerce website. In fact, in 2011 alone over 200 billion dollars was generated from eCommerce sites. Online sales are also expected to grow, especially in the retail industry. By 2016, retail sales should reach around 9 percent of the overall retail market according to recent predictions made by Forrester Research. Social media is another important area that is used for internet marketing because of the popularity of social networking sites.

The increasing use of mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablet PCs, are producing increased sales online. Brick and mortar stores are finding it more difficult to compete with online companies, especially online companies that are easily accessible with a smart phone. The right hosting service isn’t the only element needed for online success. Search engine optimization and web design are also important, especially when marketing services and products. Website owners should get familiar with the different hosting plans that are made available because they range at many different prices. Private services and dedicated services may not be needed by small time bloggers, for example.

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