Finding an SEO Reseller Program With a Social Media Component

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Finding an SEO reseller program that has a social media component is important for effective Internet marketing. Why? Because 30 percent of businesses today outsource part or all of their social media marketing solutions, compared with 28 percent last year. And because the search engine industry, which includes social media, comprises about $16 billion U.S. dollars right now.

Pick an SEO reseller program that answers these online marketing and consumer trends and that concentrates on the portions of Seo that drive results. For instance, a program where someone is responsible for responding to social media messages is crucial, since about only 30 percent of questions are answered by companies this way now. Online sales will grow for clients when someone is there to respond to their customers. And because you outsource SEO, you are never the one actually doing the answering or communicating with consumers.

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