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Archive for February 4, 2013

Online Sales and SEO

Written by admin on February 4th, 2013. Posted in Seo resellers

Social media reseller

Online sales are the lifeblood of many companies, and the importance of these sales continues to increase. Almost two thirds of people who own smart phones use them to shop. This doesn’t take into account the number of people using other devices such as tablets, laptops, and desktops to shop online. When shopping online or researching a product, most Internet search engine users say that they avoid paid advertisements. The statistics show that seventy percent of links that search engine users click are organic, which may seem disheartening to some entrepreneurs who have had little success with gaining internet visibility. One of the first steps many businesses take in their attempts to increase internet visibility and online sales is to create a social media presence with sites like Facebook, Twitter, and blogs, as nine out of ten adults who are online use social media. However, most companies only respond to less than one third of their fans’ or followers’ feedback.

Before you turn your business and life upside down to accommodate internet applications such as social media outlets and taking out banner ads, look to other internet marketing resources that you have. There are a number of options that can be used when one is looking to increase online sales and interest in your product, and the most utilized of these tools is search engine optimization. Also known as SEO, this method of online marketing is proven to increase your ranking on various search engines, as well as improve the management of your social media outlets and the aesthetics and convenience of your website. SEO companies contract with search engines and receive consistent data regarding the most searched keywords and other important criteria that must be considered when revamping a website. This data that they receive will be used to choose the best keywords that simultaneously describe your product while pulling you up in the rankings. Most SEO companies will “grade” your website before they begin their work to see where your vulnerabilities are, and they will continue to grade it on a regular basis to monitor the results of their work. After contracting an SEO company, almost all of their clients see an increase in online sales and regular traffic.

SEO Resellers Help Their Clients Grow Sales

Written by admin on February 4th, 2013. Posted in Seo reseller, Seo reseller plan, Uncategorized

Seo reseller plan

Marketers appreciate the chance to help businesses grow their sales, especially through a website. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to promote the website once it is online. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is expensive and requires highly trained staff. Furthermore, large marketing agencies and multinational corporations have a head start. Marketers can compete and save time and money through becoming an SEO reseller

SEO resellers often save time and money through a greater economy of scale. Typically, an SEO reseller first outsources her needs to one of many SEO reseller plans. The SEO reseller plans pools other marketers together, and uses their combined resources to hire staff and develop technology, often proprietary. The SEO reseller plan then helps implement the SEO campaign, tracks it, and analyzes it. An SEO reseller program is often the same caliber that very large agencies or multinational corporations have for their own SEO services, ensuring a level playing field for the client.

Marketers are naturally worried that choosing to resell SEO breaches their confidentiality. Most clients prefer marketers to have in house solutions, so outsourcing is seen as incompetence. Furthermore, SEO resellers are often seen as sending confidential client information to a third party.

SEO resellers can alleviate this worry with private label SEO. Also called white label SEO, private label seo is data that comes branded as that of the marketer. The SEO data or reports come ready for client consumption, and yet bear no trace of the back office. Bearing this in mind, marketers can know their data is protected.

SEO resellers can make their lives easier with outsourcing. By choosing to resell SEO from a third party, marketers save on time and money, and can spend more time growing the businesses of their clients. As a result, marketers can provide amazing customer service, and grow their own businesses in the process.